Third World – Third World – 1976 – Island Records

Now this a lovely record you can still pick up for a song. Recently picked this up for £2 in a charity shop. Vinyl for £2. Unbelievable. Believe me they are still out there.

This is a mango soaked, clear ocean slice of Caribbean sunshine appropriately enough on Island records – home of profitable reggae in the seventies.  I like to imagine this debuting in the red hot summer of 1976 with the ground cracked, Viv Richards batting his way to another century, ice cold lilt in the fridge and this record on the deck. Mmmm nice.


Third World were a Jamaican reggae  band, or were they? Listening to this album sometimes you wonder whether you’re listening to the Wailers or some mid seventies soul train bound funk band. Make no mistake Third World were a classy band, smooth as silk, excellent musicians equally home with reggae pop as funk. This is a collection of their own songs and two corking covers.

The album begins with a gorgeous low riding version of the Abyssinians ‘Sette Messgana’. I have no idea why it is spelt so different on this record but it is a cover to die for with some incredible jazzy flute in the centre that really gives it swing.


After a wee bongo interlude along comes the other really classy cover of Burning Spears ‘Slavery Days’ which is every bit as good as the original with a electric piano solo worthy of of Herbie Hancock

In Brand New Beggar we walk a line straight through the genres of reggae and funk and step liberally all over each side

Flip over to side two and I swear Johnny Guitar Watson is all over the funky workout that is Cross Reference and during Got to Get Along you would swear they were the O’Jays or any of those classy seventies soul Philly groups doing full on soul ballad.

Next we glide along on a wave of Wailers type reggae pop for the final two songs. All in all a lovely warm classy record.

Oh and look at the insert….all that classic reggae!



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